vineri, 2 octombrie 2015

Dreaming of '70

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  Happy weekend my darlings, when I bought this lovely dress I intended to style it like the '70, to do my hair in a retro way, but yesterday, my darling hair didn't listen and insisted to look ravish in every possible way, so after two hours of hard efforts I gave up and styled it in a ravished ponytail.
  The result is as you see, wearing a beautiful retro mini dress with a pair of red stilettos and my mini love bag from Rebecca Minkoff.
Kisses :*

  Va doresc un sfarsit de saptamana superb. Imi aduc aminte cum mi-am stilizat eu aceasta rochita in momentul in care am adaugat-o in cos, si anume la un look romantic cu aer retro de inspiratia anilor '70. Toata bune si frumoase pana cand ieri a sosit momentul mult asteptat de a o scoate la o sesiune de poze. Singura problema si cea mai mare a fost minunatia de par care dupa eforturi indelungate de mai bine de 2 ore nu a vrut sa se aseze in modul in care eu visam si m-am dat batuta, rezultatul il vedeti si voi, o coada de cal esuata.
Pupici :*

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  3. Such a cute dress! I love it!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

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