joi, 13 decembrie 2012

Balmain,my love...

   Winter has not started well as my mind already flies to spring collections on the catwalk of fashion.Looking through the on-line fashion magazines,I set my mind on Balmain's spring 2013 collection.
  At only 27 years old,Olivier Rousteing,designer of Balmain says that his latest collection takes inspiration from the early '90's and Cuba as latin theme.He wants to define the status of strong woman,today's woman.
  The collection is framed by several elements such as strong shoulders,lots of leg, plunging v-necklines and high-waist silhouettes.The jackets and the dresses are formed from basketry, crystal sparkles and white lace,spray-on skinny jeans, high-waisted pants and flat A-line leather skirts.The color palate that he used is eggshell white, yellow, faded blue, black and metallic silver.
  Balmain is a never ending source of inspiration.
  How can we ask for more when this is perfection?
  What do you think?

You can see more here

Kisses :*

miercuri, 12 decembrie 2012

Some new Christmas treats

     As I was writing in my previous post I am looking for Christmas decorations and I thought to share with you what I found,among them there are Christmas Tree ornaments,home decorations or even cooking shapes for sweet goodies,and since it is Christmas what can be more lovely than the scent of cinnemon cupcakes in your house! I have the best cinnamon recipe that I will share with you in a later post.
   Next week I will pay a short visit to Bucharest and while I am there I thought I might do some shopping for my home.I was thinking of going to Ikea because they have some really nice things at affordable prices and since I don't have an Ikea store near me this could be the perfect opportunity to buy some of the things I set my mind on by seeing them on their website.
   Also, this Christmas I thought I could make a change in the way I decorate my Christmas Tree and not use the old decorations that I have or maybe I will mix and match them with some new interesting ones to give it a little twist!
   Below are some of the things I saw and liked on their website and hope to find some of them or similar in their store.

You can find them all here

Wish you all a beautiful evening,kisses :*

joi, 6 decembrie 2012

Looking casual

  One quick post for today that I kind of lost track of time in town looking for presents for Saint Nicholas,but I promis to come back tomorrow with details about the presents.
  In this post I have a casual outfit that consists of: Orsay jacket,New Yorker blouse and boots,Bershka jeans and leather bag.

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luni, 3 decembrie 2012