luni, 26 decembrie 2016

Povestea noastra de Craciun

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  Hello beauties, how was your Christmas? We had a week full of adventures. You must remember I talked to you about our dinning table, that I ordered it online, well a week before Christmas I received it and for the very first time since I buy online, I received a product totally different then it was presented on the online store. I was super nervous and I didn't know what to do because one week before Christmas I could not find anything else.
  On Monday I talked for 3 hours along the stores in the hole country to convince one of them to send e a table. On Friday, my wish came true an the table arrived, but I had to drive 100 km to get it home.
On Saturday morning my daughter started to have fever and she felt very sick, she coughed and throw up all day long so we decided to go to a hospital to see what is wrong with her. She started the treatment and we go to the hospital twice a day for the medications.
  Today she started to feel better and we managed to take some photos with our Christmas tree and the decorations around the house.
I sure had a super adventure during these days.


  Buna dragii mei, cum ati petrecut Craciunul? Noi am avut unul plin de peripetii, iar din pacate nu au fost deloc fericite.
  Am intentiont sa fac o postare cu decoratiunile cu care am iimpodobi casa de sarbatori si cum ne-am pregatit masa de cina de Craciun, dar cu o saptamana inainte am primit masa de sufragerie, care culmea nu semana deloc cu ce am comandat. Intentionam sa fac o postare cu decoratiunile de Craciun mai repede , dar eu nu aveam masa. Pe scurt e ajunul Craciunului si eu nu am masa de sufragerie, zis si facut dupa 3 ore de stat in telefon cu cei de la Mobexpert am reusit sa fac rost de o alta masa, dar trebuia sa merg dupa ea la Dej, asa ca vineri seara am fugit pana la Dej sa imi iau o noua masa.
  Sambata dimineata ma trezete sotul meu sa imi spuna ca Evelyn are febra, iar spre seara dupa o zi intreaga de febra, tuse si voma am ajuns la urgenta. Evelyn are rosu in gat si suntm in continuare pe tratament injectabil. Cu siguranta nu am avut parte de cel mai ferici Craciun.

Cu drag,

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