marți, 29 noiembrie 2016

Cizme peste genunchi si geaca din piele

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  This cold weather is definitely not for me, since I run out the door this morning I am cold no matter what I do, even during my training at the gym I was still cold. I can't wait to take a hot and long bath.
  I took advantage of the sun to take this photos, but I was freezing, believe me. with my fur collar on was ok, but the problem was when I took it out to take photos of  my beautiful grey sweater.
  Today, meanwhile fighting this cold, I noticed that our town becomes more crowded every day. When I think about the rush with the up coming holidays and all the shopping and presents for my beloved ones I get scared,so I plan on doing it earlier, not like I did the last years. So, I will start doing my shopping list these days.


  Vremea aceasta rece cu siguranta nu e preferata ea, chiar deloc. Azi , de indata ce-am iesit pe usa si am dat de aerul rece am inghetat toata ziua. La cat am avut azi de alergat prin oras, de la medic,pentru ca Evelyn e racita, la cumparaturi si cateva intalniri, iar pe urma la sala, mi-a ajuns frigul in oase.   Parca nici in timpul antrenamentului nu mi-am revenit. Abia astept sa fac o baie fierbinte sa-mi revin.
Iar cum frigul nu mi-a ajuns pe ziua de azi, eu am impresia ca orasul meu se aglomereaza tot mai tare si inca nici nu sunt sarbatorile atat de aproape, asa ca in acest an ma apuc sa imi fac listele pentru cumparaturi din timp sa evit pe cat posibil aglomeratie de sarbatori.

Cu drag,

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