luni, 15 august 2016

Roz pudrat

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Wish you all an amazing start of the week, we had a long and relaxing weekend and now it is time for a new outfit post. I want to introduce to you a new store I just discovered and I found some very beautiful clothes. Last week I placed my first order on Zaful, after just 4 days I received my package and the clothes are amazing, of a fine quality. Today I show you this beautiful powder pink dress that fits me perfect and I love everything about it, from shape, fabric and color. You can shop it here on sale.


Cat de frumos si relaxant weekend am avut parte, dar acum ca s-a incheiat, e timpul sa ne intoarcem la ale noastre. De curand am descoperit un magazin online minunat, Zaful, care ne ofera multe haine si accesorii frumoase. Am plasat de curand si o comanda, ias spre surprinderea mea am primit coletul in doar 4 zile. Expedierea produselor se face prin curier, iar calitatea produselor este la superlativ. Sunt foarte incantata de ce am primit si de serviciile oferite. Va recomand cu drag sa incercati acest magazin, au foarte multe lucruri frumoase pe care le gasiti aici.
Azi port o rochie roz pudrat superba, un croi si un material cu o tinuta foarte buna, pe care o gasiti la reducere aici.
Cu drag,

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