joi, 5 noiembrie 2015

These days

                                                         CLICK AICI PENTRU A VEDEA CE PORT:
                    COAT here , SHIRT here , PANTS here , BAG here , SHOES here , SUNNIES here

  Hello loves, how are you, almost weekend and we are ready for a short getaway to London. Today I am wearing this super comfy and cool coat I found online for under 35 $ here with a pair of leather pants and to feel even more comfortable this days, I added this white sneakers I also found on an online shop.


  Cat de repede a trecut si aceasta saptamana, numai bine pentru ca noi suntem pregatiti de o mica iesire in acest weekend la Londra. Azi va arat o tinuta cu care as putea sa ma obisnuiesc in a o transforma in uniforma, e super comoda si chic in acelasi timp. Un palton cu croi lejer, o camasa alba, pantaloni din piele si o pereche de tenesi.

Cu drag,

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