marți, 29 iulie 2014

Cinque Terre


  Hello my dears, I love Italy more and more, yesterday we paid a visit to the beautiful lands of Cinque Terre, such a breathtaking place, if you happen to be around La Spezia, don't forget to check this place out, you won't regret. We parked our car in La Spezia and took the train to Cinque Terre, about 20 minutes to the last station, Evelyn was very excited, as she never traveled by train before. We walked a lot and unfortunately  didn't get the chance to visit all 5 villages as we were very tired, not to mention how tired poor Evelyn was. Lucky me :)  we found a playground and managed to take some photos while she charged her batteries :)).
  As for my outfit, well I didn't make the best choice regarding my shoes and at some point my greatest desire was to walk barefoot and I did it :)).
Kisses :*

  Buna dragii mei, ieri am facut o mica excursie pana in Cinque Terre, un taram magic , pe care daca sunteti in apropiere de La Spezia nu ar trebui sa-l ratati. Am parcat masina in La Spezia si am luat trenul pana in Monterosso, Evelyn a fost cea mai incantata deoarece nu a mai calatorit niciodata cu trenul. Am mers mult pe jos si am fost foarte obositi , sa nu mai zic de saracuta Evelyn si din pacate nu am reusit sa vizitam toate cele 5 sate. Norocul nostru a fost ca la un moment dat, am gasit un parc de joaca, iar cat timp ea si-a incarcat bateriile, eu am profitat de o sedinta foto.
  Cat despre tinuta mea, ei bine nu mi-am ales cei mai comozi pantofi, iar la un moment dat nu mi-am dorit decat sa merg desculta, ceea ce am si facut :)).
Pupici :*

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  1. Really amazing place.

  2. lovely pics!! ;-)


    i invite to me too