vineri, 24 ianuarie 2014

Leather look

  Hello darlings, hope you all had a great week ad I wish you have a perfect weekend. I recently purchased a skirt and a blouse from Topshop and I can say I am quite disappointed because they sent me only the skirt and didn't give me any explanations why and they blocked the entire amount and the amount on the item they have sent, quite odd. I decided to try again after a few days to put in the basket the blouse again. Strange again, because this time they have dispatched the blouse. Have you guys confronted with similar situations?
  And in the end the skirt arrived at my door looking very strange and has a poor quality.
  About the outfit I wore: I opted for a dress worn as top along with a leather looking jacket and skirt, over the knee boots and a messenger bag.
Kisses :*

  Buna dragele mele, sper ca ati incheiat cu bine saptamana si va doresc un weekend minunat. De curand am facut niste cumparaturi pe Topshop si sunt foarte dezamagita de serviciile lor. Am achizitionat o fusta si o bluza. Dupa cateva zile am primit un email in care ma informau ca mi-a fost expediata doar o parte din comanda si anume fusta. Cu stupoare am constatat ca mi-au blocat intreaga suma de bani pentru comanda si inca o suma repezentand fusta si transportul.
  Am reincercat sa adaug si bluza din nou in cos si surpriza, de data aceasta mi-a fost trimisa, cat despre calitatea fustei ce sa va mai zic, lasa foarte mult de dorit. Asta este, pe viitor cel putin voi fi mai atenta la cumparaturile de la ei.
  Despre tinuta mea in cateva cuvinte; am purtat o rochie pe post de bluza, impreuna cu o geaca si o fusta din imitatie de piele, cizme peste genunchi si o geanta incapatoare.
Pupici :*

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  1. Oh honey you always look so fabulous, you're such an inspiration! xoxo

  2. Hi Evelyn, first of all I´d like to thank you for visiting my little blog and leaving me a comment :) I browsed through your older posts and you look very chic and sytlish every time.
    I have quite the same experience with Topshop. Cardigans I bought there usually leave hairs and sometimes the material is really itchy. But overall I am usually satisfied with thier goods. Skirts and dresses for example I have from there are great ;)
    xx Eve.h

  3. foarte dragut outfit-ul, simplu , dar totusi chic !

  4. Hi!
    you follow each other?
    let me know!!